1. The reservation of the Bbike is not exclusive for a group unless they are 18 persons or that they pay 18 places.
  2. Once the reservation is done , if there is any change on the number of persons, it is necessary to contact us by phone or email to confirm availability.
  3. Once done the reservation, if the number of persons is reduced, it is necessary to contact us at least 48h hours before the activity otherwise we will keep the amount of the reservation of this persons.
  1. The bike has 10 places with pedals, 4 without pedals and 4 stand up.
  2. Hello How Are You S.L.U/ Bbike is not responsible for any delay that may affect the starting time of the activity.
  3. Due to traffic, the pedaling rhythm or any other reason the driver can modify and/or shorten the tour.
  4. Hello How Are You S.L.U./ Bbike is not responsible for any technical problem that the Bbike may have and might affect the activity, we will propose another date.
  5. If there is several groups in the same tour , any delay may affect the duration of the activity, we will try to make it 45 minutes anyway.
Hello How Are You, S.L. / BBike behaviour guide:

All the participants have to be compromised to follow all the behaviour rules named below:

  1. You have to pedal, allowing the mobility of the Bbike.
  2. The responsible of the group is responsible that all the participants follow the behaviour rules with the help of the driver.
  3. Follow the orders and guideline of the Bbike driver. The driver has the authority to stop and/or finish the tour if the responsible of the group does not make the group follow these behaviour rules.
  4. It is not allowed alcohol to bring alcohol to the Bbike.
  5. Do not drink alcohol on the street, only on the Bbike.
  6. Do not stand up during the activity, avoiding falls.
  7. Do not jump off the Bbike, unless the opposite indication of the Bbike driver, avoiding possible accidents and corporal injury.
  8. Do not give beer to anyone who does not make part of the group/ participants of the activity booked.
  9. Do not bend to the outside of the Bbike/ take out your arms or legs, avoiding possible accidents and corporal injury.
  10. Do not drink from the beer tap, maintaining the hygiene of it.
  11. Do not throw beer or any other thing to the participants or any person/ thing on the Street.
  12. Do not throw plastic cups or any other object to the participants or any other person/ vehicle.
  13. Driving the Bbike is not allowed; only the Bbike driver can drive it.
  14. Be polite with the residents of the zone we drive through, maintain the level of noise in reasonable limits all time, especially in residential areas.
  15. It is not allowed to be on the Bbike without t-shirt and it is not allowed to come with “mankinis” or any other inappropriate clothes.
  16. It is not allowed to use any other content for the beer and sangria than the one that Bbike gives to the participants.
  17. It is forbidden to hit the Bbike.
  18. The driver has full authority to refuse any participant using the Bbike if he / she violates the behavioural guidelines, including but not limited to the following: aggression, apparent intoxication, possession of alcohol, public disturbances, attempted raise / lower the Bbike moving shedding clothes, not pedalling, jump on the bike and banging against the Bbike.
Hello How Are You, S.L./ BBike recommendations and tolerances:
  • We remind to all the participants to go to the bathroom before the activity, we will not be able to stop until the end of the tour.
  • During the summer we recommend to bring water, always in plastic bottles.
  • We recommend the use of sunscreen in summer.
  • You can bring water and / or food, always in plastic containers.
Civil Responsibilities Exemptions BBike/ Hello How Are You S.L.:

I am aware that my participation in activities related to BBike as an active participant or observer is completely voluntary and personally assume all the aforementioned risks.

  1. Only those over eighteen (18) years old can take part in the activity.
  2. I further agree to hold harmless Hello How Are You, SL, BBIke or any third party acting on behalf of the two previous of the payment of attorneys’ fees or any other costs associated with possible court litigation. Furthermore Hello How Are You S. L. is not responsible for the allegations that law enforcement officials could ask the participants of the activity.
  3. As a participant and / or user I fully assume the risks of BBike as obvious and clear risks. By signing this agreement, I hereby release, discharge and immunize from all liability BBike and Hello How Are You SL of any personal injury or damage to me or a third party during the tour.
  4. I am responsible of all the complaints of the authorities from my use of the Bbike.
  5. Hello How Are You BBike SL and have permission to use my photograph, video and audio, cartoons, artwork, profile, history, etc.. And publish it in media, websites and other promotional materials used by and representing Hello How Are You SL / BBike. I understand that the scope of these materials may be global and there will be no compensation to me for this use.
  6. In case of non-agreeing with the clause number 5, you must do so expressly on the event day to the staff of the company.
  7. I understand that the alcoholic drinks have been paid in the moment of the reservation and during the activity they are of the participants; on the other hand the contents such as the barrels are property of Bbike and cannot be taken away at the end of the activity.
  8. Hello How Are You S. L. BBike and may change the route and shorten the total period of the activity, without prior notice, due to any traffic cuts that prevent them from circulating along their usual route, delay of the participants or bad behaviour. The driver according to his criteria can take this decision.
  9. I understand that the Bbike is not exclusive for my group unless we are 18 persons or that we pay 18 places. I accept and understand that the reservation made by a group does not mean that during the activity there will be only this group, been other persons able to join this group without any advice to the group.
  10. Open bar will be limited to a maximum of 2 litres of beer per person and ride.
  11. Hello How Are You S.L. y BBike will not refund the money to one or more participants.
  12. Hello How Are You S.L. and BBike is not responsible for any object that might have fallen down during the activity.
  13. Hello How Are You S.L. and BBike are not responsible for the objects, especially phones and cameras that are given to the drivers to take pictures. In case a driver makes fall down any object Hello How Are You S.L. and BBike are not responsible.
  14. The Bbike has 10 seats with pedals, 4 seats and 4 places in the middle where people stand up. The tours than more than one group have to do the activity you will have to follow the Bbike driver to take a seat. Hello How Are You S.L. and BBike cannot guarantee or reserve any seat.
  15. I understand that the first tours will start at the next address: Calle Juan de Urbieta, 21 and that the lasts will finish at this address.
  16. Hello How Are You S.L. and BBike are not responsible of any weather disasters that might affect the activity. Hello How Are You and BBike do compromise to develop the activity but not to refund the money if participants refuse to take part in the activity or do not show up.
  17. I understand that in case of doubt or misunderstanding, emails and these conditions are the only ones to count.
Additional information: Hello How Are You S.L. recommends to carefully read this agreement and that before any questions and / or misinterpretation by phone we will stick only to written both by email and the content of this agreement

For more information please write to