Events and Team Building

Going on the Bbike is, without a doubt, one of the best ways of team building but, what is exactly team building?

Upon the Bbike, the colleagues will learn to work together, they have to coordinate themselves pedaling and cheer the team. Little responsibilities as a group are ideal to create a solid workteam.

In Bbike we have already worked with companies that counted on us to do team building on wheels and has been great! Colleagues have fun, new friendships are born and, most importantly, a stable team is created.

Sharing the Bbike experience is perfect for the big companies to link their employees and make their motivation grow. Besides, it’s so much fun!

Come build your team with Bbike and...

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Rent the Bbike

Do you prefer total freedom in your tour? Rent our Bbike for your event. The rental includes driver.

Consult us the route and conditions so there is not even one problem and you can make an unforgettable moment out of your event.


This service would be renting one or more Bbikes with “Personalized Exclusive Service” with a different starting and ending point from those established in our travels, to adapt ourselves the most to your needs and ease the movement of the group.

We will study all possibilities to create a new route that remains attractive to participants, with cultural interest and where vehicles can still circulate.

Tours will be 45 minutes long and each vehicle will be driven by our experienced drivers who will also be in charge of encouraging each and every of the participants in order to pedal, laugh and dance to the pace of our music. We can also plug in your music if you bring a pen drive (USB) or telephone to keep motivation as high as possible.

The price per vehicle is 400€*, and includes:

Personalized tour with displacements, exclusive vehicle, 45 minutes’ tour, experienced driver, music, soft drinks such as Cokes, Fantas and orange Trina for every participant.

For 40€ you can include: water and snacks.

If you want an even more exclusive service you can include for 100€ more: Spanish ham (50gr./pp), “manchego” cheese (50gr./pp) and “picos” (bread).

And last but not least for 50€ you can also hire a waiter at your elbow all the time. Maximum of 14 people per vehicle for this service.

*(Applicable rates from Monday until Thursday. See conditions for Fridays and weekends.)


Companies that have already counted on us: