Frequently asked questions

  • If I make a reservation, is the Bbike exclusively for our group?

    No, if your group does not complete the Bbike, we can add more people; but do not worry, everyone comes here to have fun and after a pint it is proven that we all become friends. If you still want to have the Bbike exclusively you can pay the 18 seats.

  • What happens if it rains?

    The Bbike is equipped with a roof to prevent you from getting wet. If it rains too much and we can’t carry out the activity we will propose you another date.

  • How much time in advance should we book?

    We recommend to book at least one week in advance, for saturdays three weeks.

  • What happens if at the last moment we are less people than we had reserved for?

    If you do not let us know at least 48h in advance, the missing people will have to pay the full price of the activity.

  • What happens if at the last moment we are one more than what we have reserved for?

    Nothing, but it is important that you call us beforehand to confirm availability in case the Bbike is full.

  • Can we bring food?

    Yes, always in plastic containers.

  • Can you modify the tour?

    Yes! Please ask for a budget. It is required that you are at least 10 people.

  • We are more than 18 persons, what do you propose us?

    No worries, we have two bikes for up to 36 people.

  • We are only two people can we do the activity?

    Yes, if there is another group we can join you to.

  • One of the participants is pregnant, do you have a confortable sit for her?

    Yes, on the back we have a place where you can sit and you do not need to pedal.

  • Can minors go on the Bbike?

    No, this activity is exclusively for adults.

  • One of our friends is disabled, do you have room for a wheelchair?

    Yes, we have a place to keep it.

  • What happens if we arrive late?

    We will do a shorter tour so the next groups are not delayed.

  • Can we mix beer and sangria options?

    Yes, you can.

  • We had a problem on the last minute and we need to cancel, what happens?

    In this case call us : +34 637 380 402 as soon as possible.

  • We want a longer tour, can we do that?

    No, our experience has taught us that a 45 minutes tour is perfect because a longer one would make it tiring, and our priority is you to have fun.